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Paws'n'Pixels Complete Sets/Bundles

Paws'n'Pixels Complete Sets/Bundles

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Complete pin bundle with optional extras <3

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Cute Noob: Gold plating, size 33,2x33,4mm
Rage quitter: Gold plating, size 33,2x33,4mm
MVP pin: Gold plating, size 30,9x32,9mm
Kinda Sus: Gold plating, size 37,6x33,6mm
Slightly Salty pin: Gold plating, size 34,6x29,7mm
Accept all Cookies: Gold plating, size 30,7x38mm
Control Freak pin: Gold plating, size 33,8x31,5mm
The Cake is a Lie pin: Gold plating, size 41,2x32,9mm
Your Princess is in another Castle: Gold plating, size 38,7x35,3mm
Nyantendo pin: Gold plating, size 36,8x24,3mm

Stamp washi tape: 20x5000mm

Pink phone grip with enamel topper; size 45x45mm (1,77 x 1,77")


hard enamel


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